Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet an Uncommon Events Team Member!

Jessica Mader is the lead designer at Uncommon Events. She is “gloriously” (her fav word!) indescribable. One of the most creative and happy people I have ever met. I am honored that she is part of my team.  She connects with every Bride and especially connects with the kids whose Mitzvahs we bring to life. This year, Love Is In the Air will have a truly amazing mixture of style and design. Some quirky to show our extreme creativity, some romantic and lovely. This eclectic mix of design is attributed to the unstoppable creativity of our Jess.

My inspiration for Love Is In The Air comes from many different places. I wait for something to really catch my eye. It may be when I’m shopping, walking my dog or just out & about having fun. If I give it the triple look then I immediately commit it to my “creative bank”.  That inspiration becomes a love and want before it even has a place. I want to be moved by something that inspires me. I want to get excited enough to translate that passion into something truly creative that others can appreciate. I call this my art.  This year for me its eclectic fabrics, beautiful colors and a splash of the uncommon you may not be expecting. I hope that my creative art inspires you to find your passion and give it purpose!!

Jessica Mader
Event Designer